paper princess (feroluce) wrote in the_pits,
paper princess

armpit up to date

wow kids, looks like i'm kicking all your pits so far...! c'mon, just try and beat me ;)
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MAN! You're totally kicking my ass. Not cool.
what can i say, i'm just gifted... (or something...hehe.) i knew this shit would come in handy SOME day...


February 26 2003, 06:27:57 UTC 15 years ago

What happened to that beautiful pic?
the photo got edited last night...i suppose that messed with the address. drat. idont have time now, but i'll fix it after class
Why did the best one have to get ruined????
i edited the pic to make it more clear and forgot to update the link. next time i post (this weekend?) i'll post a link to the progress shots too
Post a new hairier pit
who is this that keeps posting in here anonymously?