Disassociative (garygetsnolove) wrote in the_pits,

So I definately have growth. I know...I'm a hairy beast. But I do have growth, its not easy to capture it on a camera though so I'll wait a few days to post its beauty.

I think I may be able to win this one. I'm only up against a few opponents, and so far I feel like I'm the hairiest of all. If I do win, I won't have to pay to ship a package anywhere so that's cool.
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you should be drug tested for rogaine ;)


February 24 2003, 15:59:19 UTC 15 years ago

When are we gonna get to see some growth on those pits?
I have to take the pictures. I'll probably be taking some tonight and posting them later. Its hard to remember to take pictures of your armpits.